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Crafty lazy susan...

OK, so I didn't anticipate such a favourable reaction to yesterday's shelves...thank you so much.

Now I'm going to look like a big fat show off & for that I apologise.

Lazy Susan 1

On Saturday the HAC girls & I were chatting about making stuff & cool crafty tools & Justine & Cindy were talking about a lazy susan cutting mat that a friend (edit: ack...apparently it was Kate's - clearly my mind had already wandered) had. I think there may have been a casual "challenge" thrown in for good measure...red rag to a bull.

Lazy Susan 2

So on Sunday morning I made the lazy susan using bits & pieces we had lying around the house... old placemat, laminex top (I think from an elfa storage system), old container lids, my trusty baby bosch, a couple of screws, bearings & this divine fabric from the lovely Clutterpunk to give the whole thing a lovely crafty feel.

Lazy Susan 3

It measures 450mm x 300mm so it's big enough to hold the next size cutting mat as well & best of all you can use your multi tasker on the table top & then you have a lazy susan ironing board.

Lazy Susan 4

No more deep squat & turns for me...I prefer not to mix my craft & exercise.

good, love, MAD, made by me, original, recrafted, recreated, and more:

Crafty lazy susan... + reverse art