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Are you a Gambler?...
The Gambler Series

Copyright December 09...Kirsty Macafee

If you only know me on the blog you'd be forgiven for thinking that I'm not much for the words. My posts here are short & sharp, but in real life there's a lot of chat, both out loud & internal. I think about words a lot. They are important. I try to choose my own words carefully (& consider the impact they have on others).

I really truly think that The Gambler is one of life's true ACES. "Every hand's a winner & every hand's a loser".

So after my fold post last week I set about making the series. I really enjoyed the relationship between the house of cards & the lyrics & the whole life's a balancing act thing. Now there's "an ace that I could keep".

I'm pretty confident that these'll be a hit over here & here too.

They now hang as posters over the kitchen.

The Gambler Posters

Copyright December 09...Kirsty Macafee

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Are you a Gambler?... + original