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A crisis of confidence...
Lemon Cake

I made a lemon birthday cake for The Date...for desert at the family(his) lunch.

I'd scoured Delicious and found just the recipe. A nice list of ingredients that made me sure the resulting cake would live up to the "delicious" promise.

I made sure I had the best ingredients, nice olive oil, home grown lemons, quality prosecco, beautiful eggs. I set to work and made the cake. It did all the right things in my new oven (which I'm not great mates with yet) & looked gorgeous when I removed it from the tin.

I tasted the tiny bit that stuck to the side of the tin & my heart sank. It tasted very eggy.

What was I worried about? I'm normally pretty good with this sort of thing. I thought that there'd be plenty said about the egg cake rather than the lemon cake. Then all sorts of crazy food poisoning scenarios were running through my head.

I knew I wasn't going to be serving my cake. We went to Browns on the morning of & picked up a white chocolate & raspberry cheesecake (stunning) & a flourless orange cake (meh).

The cake was duly sampled when we returned home on Monday evening & it was, just as the magazine promised ... absolutely delicious.

There's a lesson here ... if you think it's good - it IS good & who cares what other people think.

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A crisis of confidence... + me