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Family bonding...
Family Bonding

The Little Guy is big into games that involve both his sisters (& preferably both his parents). He calls them "family bonding games". My favourite of these games is indoor cricket using teeny tiny cricket bats & ping pong balls. I made sure that the cricket set had pride of place in the new ranch.

I confess that after the initial excitement on Wednesday & Thursday morning now I'm just absolutely exhausted & feeling like I'm not doing too much bonding with anyone. They're all happily set up in the new place & I'm dealing with the aftermath at the old house...it's not inspiring or exciting & frankly pretty lonely. Thankfully Mum gave me a hand yesterday afternoon & the Op Shop & rubbish piles in the old family room are growing steadily.

This afternoon I am looking forward to breaking out the tape measure & the hacksaw to attempt a DIY modification to the blinds I'm trying to hang in our new bedroom. I think it'll be quite therapeutic.

Thank you all for being so excited about the house...it really is lovely & hopefully I'll have some housey pics to share tomorrow.

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Family bonding... + the ranch