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Blanket Gummy bracelet

-These bracelets from RG Madden. I've been coveting these for a good long time now. I'm trying to recreate them using gummy bracelets which I purchased at the Op Shop/Thrift store. Currently a fail but I've got another couple of ideas.
-Citipower actually came to my house today.
-Fisher Price "Little People". I'm loving those little guys even more than usual this week.
-Embroidery...I can't get enough.
-These shoes which I saw at Shoppo on the weekend.
-Kids who say #fail & #owned (according to the kids, not me - see below).

-The fact that the gummy bracelet (hot 80s fashion item) is now a "shag band". Yick!
-My TIP of a house. I've mentally & emotionally "left the building". There's stuff from one end of the joint to the other & it's driving me insane.
-The AC adapter for my crappy old laptop finally giving up. Too expensive to replace (also not hot).
-Shoppo. It gives me a headache.
-Kids who say #fail & #owned. I'm getting heartily sick of #failing & being #owned by my 10 year old.

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