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Welcome back!

I've been super busy trying to get the old house ready to sell. We are hiring furniture for the sale but my decorator mate has allocated me the bathroom. She flounced in saying "splash of colour there" ... "choose something bright".

I did go to The Works over the weekend & purchased some new towels (on loan to the old house before they become the kids). I found any "splashes of colour" to be absolutely awful. So I'm refashioning these bits & pieces that used to be in our old bedroom. It's quite fun. Someone else has been handy with her hook & needle on much more lively foliage.

Don't forget to pop in and add your link if you're playing along this week.

Edited to add:
My creative space is just a super casual bit of fun. You can drop in & out whenever you like. All you need to do is add your link to the link list. Just make sure you've posted your space for the week before you add your link.

I don't want this to be so full of rules that it's no fun but the whole aim of the game is to share what you're working on. If you're just linking to a shop or a homepage then I'm sorry but I'll be deleting your link.

Friday am: I came in here with my coffee ready to check more creative spaces but the blasted link seems to be on the blink. Sorry & check back later eh? Thanks

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