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Handpainted dolls...

Today my niece is 3. This is Milly.

I wanted to give her something really special.

A few months ago Jennie joined in with My Creative Space. I fell quite in love with her hand painted dolls & asked her to make a "Milly" doll. I sent a photo to Jennie, the next week I spotted Milly's lips on Jennie's post & the very next day she was in the mail.

Milly phoned to let us know that Milly doll had arrived & she loves her. She thinks her pretty long socks are wonderful & has asked her Mum for a pair.

Jennie makes to order, she dyes the face fabric herself, handpaints the faces & makes the dolls using fabric of sentimental value. I'm a sucker for a bit of sentiment so this is right up my alley.

All images have been taken from Jennie's flickr.
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Handpainted dolls... + TIME